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The Journal of the Islamic Academy of Sciences, which first appeared in August 1988, is a quality publication comparable to international scientific journals. Through the dedication of a small group of Academy Fellows headed by Prof. Naci M Bor, the Editor in Chief of the Journal, the Journal has made since then, a good record of quality and periodicity and has been granted an ISS number (ISSN 1016-3360).

The Academy Journal which is published in Turkey and distributed internationally, was launched with the help of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

Science Journal

The Journal has since, received some grants from the Academy Secretariat and the COMSTECH.

The Journal of the Academy is supported by the Ihlas Gazetecilik Holding of Turkey, which had generously agreed to print the Journal at its own printing press. This generous offer has eased the financial burden on the Journal.
For the first ten years of its existence, the Journal was a broad-based scientific publication on average carrying general scientific articles.
The Journal has in 1998 been re-launched as a specialised medical Journal thus becoming the Medical Journal of the Islamic Academy of Sciences.

The Medical Journal of the Islamic Academy of Sciences has been launched on the web under the following address:  

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