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The Academy's primary sources of income are the annual grants it receives from the government of Jordan, allocated general and administrative expenses, and that of COMSTECH, which is wholly allotted to activities and programmes.
The programmes of the Academy are further financed through grants from Islamic organisations such as the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
The Academy also undertakes joint programmes with many UN and other international agencies such as the UNESCO and the UNEP, as well as the World Bank.
Moreover, the Academy sometimes receives donations from local and international companies as well as charities in the Islamic World.
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Various trust funds are administrated by the Academy which support some activities in the Islamic World - in some cases by prizes denoting public recognition of achievement, in others, with support to training workshops organised in the various countries. In addition, the Academy administers the Ibrahim Memorial Award, which was instituted by the Academy after Professor Muhammad Ibrahim, Founding Fellow of the Academy, and is annually awarded to outstanding scholars working in the medical field from the various OIC- member countries.
In its efforts to raise funds for the construction of its permanent headquarters, the Academy has established an endowment fund, and it is hoped that sufficient funds would be raised for the building of the premises as well as for undertaking new activities.
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