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Scientific institutions have always had a major role in promoting science and technology and thus influencing the general state of development of all societies.
In response to the need for an international organisation that can undertake such a task, the Islamic Academy of Sciences
(IAS) came into being as an independent, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit making organisation of distinguished scientists and technologists dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of science and technology in the Islamic World, for the benefit of mankind.
The establishment of the Islamic Academy of Sciences
IAS was proposed by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference; (OIC) Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Co-operation (COMSTECH), and approved by the Fourth Islamic Summit held in Casablanca in 1984.
Upon the invitation of Jordan, the Founding Conference of the Academy was held in Amman (Jordan) in October 1986, under the patronage of HRH Prince Al-Hassan, who kindly accepted the patronage of the Academy together with HE the President of Pakistan.
Operating from its Amman Secretariat, the Academy hopes to continue the work it had started in 1986, namely assisting the decision-makers and scientists and technologists of the Ummah and helping them achieve an advanced level of development for their countries.

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