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The number of publications originating from the Islamic World is very small. Publications, whether in the form of scientific articles, books or monographs are generally in very short supply.

The Academy realising the need for such publications, has committed itself to publish a series of books/monographs that address contemporary scientific issues, in a fresh and concise manner.

The first of these publications is a book by the late M A Kazi entitled Islamic Thought and Modern Science (1998)

The second of these publications is also a book by the late M A Kazi entitled Qur'anic Concepts and Scientific Theories (1999)

The latest book published by the IAS is the English / Arabic version of Personalities Noble (2000) .

Islamic World Academy of Sciences Outreach, Editor: Moneef. R. Zou'bi. (ISBN: 9957-412-10-8)

Declarations of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences, Editor: Moneef. R. Zou'bi. (ISBN: 9957-412-09-4)

Intellectual Property Rights: An Introduction for Scientists and Technologists, Editor: Mohamed B. E. Fayez, (ISBN: 9957-412-15-9)

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