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The Academy, through its Secretariat, regularly publishes the Newsletter of the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
This widely distributed publication aims to publicise the various activities the Academy undertakes, and also to put across the Academy's programmes. It also often contains news about the Academy, its Fellows and staff.

The Newsletter, as well as regularly profiling some Academy Fellows, frequently contains specialised and guest articles on contemporary scientific and technical topics including such matters as the S&T potential of OIC-member countries and institutions.

Download the July - September 2003 Newsletter No. 29

Download the December 2002- February 2003 Newsletter No. 28

Download the April - June 2002 Newsletter No. 27

Download the January - March 2002 Newsletter No. 26

Download the June - August 2001 Newsletter No. 25

Download the January - March 2001 Newsletter No. 24

Download the June - August 2000 Newsletter No. 23

Download the January-March 2000 Newsletter No. 22

Download the January-March 1995 Newsletter No. 21

Download the July-August 1994 Newsletter No. 20

Download the May-Jun 1994 Newsletter No. 19

Download the May-July 1993 Newsletter No. 18

Download the August-October 1992 Newsletter No. 17

Download the February- April 1992 Newsletter No. 16

Download the November 1991 Newsletter  No. 15

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