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Prof. Misbah-Ud-Din Shami

Prof. Shami, was born on October 1, 1930, in Jullundur City (India). He is married with four children.

He was educated at Punjab University and obtained a BSc (1950); MSc Tech (1952), and at Washington State University, USA, from where he was awarded a PhD in Chemistry (1964).

A member of staff at the University of Punjab for more than 25 years, he became a Professor in 1970, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy in 1973 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Punjab University Lahore (1974-1976). He then moved on to become a member of the Universities Grants Commission (1976-1980).

Dr Shami served as Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation (1980-1990). He retired in 1990.

He conducted extensive research in Crystallography and was awarded a postdoctoral Fellowship by the Royal Society, UK back in 1969.

He is a Fellow of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Fellow and Past- President of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers, and was awarded the International UNESCO Kalinga Prize (1990), the Sitara-Imtiaz (1990), the National Award (1987) of the Pakistan Talent Forum, and the Iqbal Centenary Commemorative Medal by the President of Pakistan (1974).

Prof. Shami, a member of several major Academic Councils and Committees, is a Life Member and Past-President of the Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science, Member and Past-President of the Pakistan Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions, and Past President of the Scientific Society of Pakistan.

He is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences (1986) and Council Member (1994-1999).

Prof. Shami has also occupied various designations at the Pakistan Academy of Sciences including President, Secretary General and Editor.

He is a former Editor for Pakistan Journal of Science (1972-1979), and is member of Editorial Boards of the four major scientific publications of Pakistan; he participated in or chaired several national, regional and international conferences, in particular with Islamic and UN Organizations and was regularly involved in national and international planning and development of Higher Education.

He has co-authored two textbooks in Chemistry, prepared Medium-Term Plan of ISESCO (2001-2009), and has published several papers in Pure and Applied Sciences.