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A Note From IAS

Welcome to the IAS Home Page.

The IAS Home Page has been launched in August 1997 to cater for the requirements of scientists and technologists in the OIC countries and beyond, although the information contained herein is primarily focused, at the moment, on the activities of the Islamic Academy of Sciences IAS.

The IAS Home Page will not only provide means to access IAS's publication series on a regular basis, but will also, in the near future, provide means to access IAS data-bases of experts and documents and keep abreast of the latest research output within the OIC region.

Regular visitors will be able to monitor IAS activities, conferences and meetings, and eventually take part in discussions on issues of pertinence to the Islamic and Developing World's scientific and technological performance.

The IAS is grateful for the support it gets for its Information Technology Programme (ITP), from the UNESCO and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), as well the COMSTECH.

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