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IAS Programme
Programme Outline

GeneralSince its inception in 1986 the Academy has been implementing programmes that address serious contemporary issues facing the Islamic World, with the aim of formulating remedial policies that can be adopted by developing countries in their quest to achieve their development objectives.

Operating on a year to year basis, the Academy has organised several international conferences, published a series of Conference Proceedings, Newsletters and some publicity literature, and has also established a quality Journal which is of an international standard.

Moreover, the Academy has established numerous contacts with national and international non-governmental organisations, as well as governments throughout the World.

The underlying objective of the programme of the Islamic Academy of Sciences is to establish a framework for the development of science and technology in the Islamic World.

The programme, by facilitating interaction among scientists, and promoting the exchange of views and ideas on science and technology issues in particular, can catalyse the overall process of socio-economic development in Islamic countries.

The programme also aims to highlight the correlation between knowledge, science and technology on the one hand, and Islamic Values on the other. Through research in this field, the programme will help invigorate the establishment of a better environment for scientific research for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah in particular, developing nations in general.

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